Welcome to OSOESE. Open Source OSO ESE Software Environment. The site really does nothing. That "crypto credit card" animation in CSS. The links below 1) link to egem discord. 2) YouTube channel with videos of the Egem Opal Mobile (react native using expo). It's a multi-currency wallet, which means it does BTC, LTC, BTC tesntnet (for practicing), EGEM, PIRL, ETHO, and even Egem Test Trading Token (ETTT). Soon, it will have ETH aand real ETT. 3) The ring signature example is nodejs I fixed/updated from some other repo. Will post a meteor app opal wallet from the past. Thanks for stopping by.
O S O ⧞ E S E
Open Source OSO ⧞ ESE Software Environment
Ether Gem on discord
Stop by the EGEM discord app
Sapphire (unreleased with DEX)
Creator of SFRX coin and DEX
XBI (1.0 release v4.3.2.1)
Bitcoin Incognito (legacy)
release code I did with Galimba (blocks addresses in core)
React Native Mobile Wallet
Runs Multiple Cryptocurrencies including EGEM PIRL ETHO BTC LTC and ETT(T)
Working Example of Signature
One of us signed it and it proven but you don't know which one
over 20 years experience working on Information Systems
Manage your crypto assets on your phone
You can create crypto addresses on multiple chains with one EGEM private yet
Use a random thumb swipe to make an address set and use it on over 5 chains instantly
Each element in HTML page could be seen as a block. On the left panel you could find different kind of blocks that you can create, move and style
Some random list
+ Starter feature 1
+ Starter feature 2
+ Starter feature 3
+ Starter feature 4
$ 9,90/mo
Some random list
+ Regular feature 1
+ Regular feature 2
+ Regular feature 3
+ Regular feature 4
$ 19,90/mo
Some random list
+ Enterprise feature 1
+ Enterprise feature 2
+ Enterprise feature 3
+ Enterprise feature 4
$ 29,90/mo

Card Show Case (fabricated)

Let me be Frank with you, just a systems software developer always experimenting with one business or another. Not sure its profitable but sometimes I get spurts. Every couple years I pull of something big it seems. I think I prefer just be on the team.
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Software Engineer
I might have a friend who is a good C++/GoLang developer or something
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Web Designer

Let AJAX change this text

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